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revolves around hectic life

February 2nd

no price of owning me
besides suffering as much as I got through
like cut your own tongue
and enjoy doing it to someone else
bleeding as hell

pay attention once more
when you dwell in ember and start eating you alive
is it really still as light as you saw?

- you'll give me up, won't you?

February 4th

how could I describe it

seeing yourself acting too high
complaining too much
for things you pay too cheap
than you're actually capable of

what you're actually looking for?

watch your tune
that could be defined anything
worse that you could ever imagine

don't too loud
you'll perish of your no off-limits

- our own words could stab us dead

February 5th

is there really an easy life?
you defined people so well
as if you were god

no wonder people got mad easily at you
but you never really looked up
at your own hands
the mess you made up

you held grudge down far against people
of what you made them
loathe you on sight so hard thoroughly

in the end
you must…

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