Felt Asleep For Years

Night burns sound
Second melts step
Breath tears sky

I wanna meet you
Like drizzle to ground
Which needs it

I wanna read you as a poem
Like Ernest Hemingway
Or Allen Ginsberg

I wanna hold you
Like a pair of doves
That could reach each other

You are the outlet
The one who riveted my whisper
Towards you
Even inside of myself

You won't bend down
For having me once again
Too rose to bet her
Another swan that you gotten

Perhaps I felt
As deep as valley that has no bottom
And I think
There was a lot of hollow inside of it
Which I've swallowed 'till blind

I'm so numb of somehow
I'm paralyzed
That's why
I'm known for doing nothing

One day, I'm gonna rise higher
Than you never thought before