He's Gone

Nothing is known of his whereabouts
Neither am I
But me?
Who wants to know 'bout me?
They'd walk through deliberately
Pretend to watch
No any damn cares though

I'm nobody
Fall from a tree and crush into pieces
No more than a twig
Lie down on the ground
See paths are close then far

How come I'd depend on me?
Even thoughts of mine
Wouldn't believe in
Frigid, why are you still breathing?
Words supposed to be mute on your lip
'Cause you're dead

Actually, you should do that
He might be waiting for you
Hold me, don't let me go
But you were riveted on your fingers
Then he did it
Faded away from your pray

Whatever sucker
Just swallow those bloody imaginations
It's okay to act like a stupid lunatic
A thousand prays won't change it also
You know, sky's too dense
Day's too dark
And he's too far now

Things won't be aggressive
For a little girl's guess
Laid back and closed eyes
Think about it
A beg wasn't a disgraceful way
Released him and regretted it
Had possibility to call as disgraceful

Could you reach your echoes?
Become alone along road is your next step
So, no matter how big you struggle
How loud your whisper is

He's gone

He's gone

He's gone, b*tch

He's truly gone