Eyes of River

Such a waste
Living your nowhere way
Struck in your inevitable lead
Out of sight around until fall in hate with you
Again and again and again

This undone feeling
Could not be poured or mixed with
Floating freely without wings
Seeing widely without soul
Oh into you, small deep ocean
Why did you cement me again when I determine
to enunciate farewell, Hope?
Why did you keep running when I hardly
try to reach you only, Hope?
Why did you flare me up all of sudden when I start
to burn past and future that we have, Hope?

Don't fake me or hide from me
Things might have nothing as time goes
But footsteps would like to be stay forever

Length the joyful of mine is thousand times
From the branch of old wood in front of your door
So why do you still be selfish?
Break it down and let me in
I'm not a rose, I won't hurt you

Did you ever reckon for a second about me?
About cloud over our laughs
Or a story that many I told you
Or just a smile that I've been placing much on yours
On your waves every I walked on

Even you plan to swallow me
I wouldn't drown from your piercing blue eyes
And even you plan to crucify me
I'm not gonna hesitate from your decision
I believe you're my thing and everything

Oh my sweetie, my bitterness too
I got you no matter how big my hate either
Fact which is your understanding
Probably shape me so far
That you won't listen to though

Let me clear it
Fade I always remember
Space I find safe the most
Memory I recognize all my life
Is you
Yeah, it's you
It's always and have been
My river that blinds me

Hate you, my love