I Can See You

Glance comes and goes
Curiosity peeks then hides
There's no us
Just you and me between crowds

Conversations above chairs
Were played quietly by some old people
Exquisite green of huge trees
Were drew nicely by grey-framed windows

'Man, you're too attractive'
Collects of joyful he invents
Incredibly become enchanting smile
Still, there's not where he leaves

No one gives a damn how I sit
I seek those brown naughty eyes, full of lighting
Flirts of his stand behind of his act
Therefore, suddenly his legs of breath are increasing

Know this as an opportunity of mine
Yet, who cares what I'm doing for
At one point, I touch his smile
Kiss it with my snigger from a corner

Little teeth show off the chocolate
Runs for a minute to look for a hug
I guess nothing he can't handle
But, an excitement is that big

Unsatisfied, pull more attention
Walks without clear direction
Not inevitable though
Deliberately he throws off a baby laugh

I am sitting around
Hearing echoes of soft wind
Beneath blue sky that is tore by bright sun
A day I wish has no ending to begun

Clouds are too transparent
I even able capture the bottom of heaven
While time grabs words unspoken
Offers to turn it into memories someday you may forget