Weakness Behind Strength

Is there nothing that I supposed to be worried about? Your shadow comes over every when drizzle falls down. Sometimes I could through it, pretend that I was fine, against the truth in my soul. I smiled and thanked for the courage that I had. But, in fact I was so trembling. So much.

If I keep running, would that point be stay in the place where its stand? I'm anxious the circumstances get worse and won't getting better. I run for a point that had left me. Or a point that disappear, decays into nothing. Or the point which fade away when I ready to take it. Thus, what should I do? Run? Where? When I stop? Come on, I wasn't born just to die.

You do miss me, don't you? Or that's only an impossible thing that I wish to be possible? Or perhaps it was imagination that I always create when I needed you, when you didn't stand by me, when your shoulder to her cries on instead. Was it something I did that made you gone?

I have no any reason to turn around and beg you to stay here. Because you weren't everything that I wanted. But deep in my another side, I'm hollow. I was and I would be.

Banjarmasin (South Borneo)//12.26.12