Leaving Work

I used to work with people who usually don't care if I get home late. Just like I don't care for how long I have to spend as long as it's completed.

But, Ichi-san looked a little bit mad at that time. To be exact, after seeing the troublemaker (a.k.a me) still working an unfinished proposal. He didn't like it and told me soon to quit what I was doing. So, I had to close my laptop, wishing the proposal would be done by itself.

Well, if I share it to some people, they probably would said like 'Maybe he just doesn't want you to suffer from an excess of pressure', 'Stop whining, just do what he said' or a quote like 'There's a crack in everything and that's how the light gets in'. Even a man in the mirror came with a smirk after seeing me to be overthinking, then questioned me a single thing.

Have you ever met someone you really wanna punch so hard so deep just because you realize that you can't?

Like what I have written before, this kind of difference still quite bothers me even now. Because I have no much time to make it on Monday to Friday. Sometimes I find it hard to follow through things I couldn't done as usual. The truth that he wants me leaving work on time is an odd thing for me.

Honestly, I couldn't leave it that easy.